Automobiles are a great and convenient mobility option. From a hatchback to a pickup truck, people can find a suitable vehicle to travel from one place to another. However, even with all the ease vehicles remain prone to damage and issues. Some of the issues can be particularly frustrating as everything seems to be in […]
In recent years, automotive technology has significantly enhanced driver safety and vehicle control. One such innovation is the traction control system (TCS), which has become a standard feature in modern cars. The TCS helps prevent wheel slip and loss of control during acceleration by applying selective braking and reducing engine power. However, there are situations […]
Automotive engines have evolved over the years to meet power requirements and increase the efficiency of vehicles. Among the popular engine designs and valve configurations, overhead cam (OHC) engines have gained popularity over the years, offering a range of advantages and disadvantages compared to other camshaft configurations. An overhead cam (OHC) engine, also known as […]
A modern car consists of many sensors and electronic systems. In the earlier car models, the accelerator pedal and throttle system were connected via wiring. However, modern vehicles have accelerator pedals connected to the throttle with sensors. The accelerator pedal position sensor (APPS) sends the speed, position and pressure to the electronic control unit (ECU). […]
An engine develops the sludge on or around the car’s motor when oil breaks down and starts being collected by the engine. For the engine to work optimally, it is necessary to clean engine sludge. The most important thing for a motor engine’s longevity is the circulation of quality oil. In simple words, oil is […]
Experiencing a rough start followed by the engine smoothing out can be frustrating with one’s car. Such a problem can confuse the driver while indicating an underlying problem. Here we have listed down the potential causes of why a car starts rough and then smooths out. We have also provided practical solutions to inspect and […]
The sight of oil spewing from a car’s exhaust is not only unusual but also deeply concerning. This alarming occurrence hints at underlying problems within the vehicle’s engine and demands immediate attention. That said, we have penned why one would notice oil coming out of the exhaust system. We have also provided solutions to cater […]
An internal combustion engine in a car comprises various crucial components ensuring proper functioning and performance. Sealing the combustion chamber to maintain compression, mechanical components like piston rings are an integral part of the engine’s core processes.  Since they are subjected to constant friction, piston rings can gradually wear out and cause engine performance to […]
A car’s road grip and stability depend on correctly balanced tyres maintained with wheel balancing. It is a process that removes any imbalances by evenly distributing weight between tyres and wheel assemblies.  With evenly distributed weight across all four wheels, the vehicle travels smoothly and suffers minimal uneven tyre wear. Moreover, smoother rides can contribute […]
It can be unnerving to hear a rattling noise in a car when accelerating or driving in general. Such an unusual noise indicates a malfunctioning car part which hinders a smooth ride. In such cases, it is important to probe into the main issue and get timely assistance.  To cater to this, we have listed […]