День: 20.11.2023

A car door serves as a safety component in case of a crash or an accident. However, like other car components, it is also subjected to constant wear and tear. That said, one may face inconvenience if their car door won’t shut or latch properly. The problem can occur due to multiple reasons which must […]
The Rear Cross Traffic Alert system is a useful feature designed to help drivers reverse their cars from parking spaces or driveways. Simply put, RCTA helps back out cars from spaces (such as parking lots) where drivers may not be able to see approaching traffic. The rear cross traffic alert monitors areas behind a vehicle […]
In the world of automotive engineering, one of the crucial factors that determine the performance and efficiency of an internal combustion engine is the air-fuel ratio. The air-fuel ratio refers to the mass ratio of air to fuel supplied to the engine during combustion.  Let’s delve into the significance of the air-fuel ratio, its optimal […]