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Mazda i-Stop System

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Automotive manufacturers have improvised technology throughout the years to make vehicles more efficient and eco-friendly. Mazda’s i-Stop system is one such technology that stops the engine when the car is idling. The start-stop system not only improves fuel economy but also reduces emissions. 

Let’s learn more about the Mazda idling stop system, also known as the i-Stop system and its working.

What Is a Mazda i-Stop System?

Mazda’s i-stop system, also known as Idle Stop Technology, is an engine idling start-stop system. It is designed to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stationary and restarting it quickly when needed. Moreover, this technology is a part of Mazda’s efforts to improve the overall environmental performance of their cars.

Since the car engine idling takes a toll on fuel efficiency, these start-stop systems help maintain the fuel economy and save the environment. Let’s go through the working of the Mazda i-Stop system. 

i-Stop system amber light turned on above the start-stop engine switch
i-Stop system works similarly to the idling engine start-stop systems in different cars


The i-Stop system uses different types of car sensors to work efficiently. It monitors various parameters, such as car speed sensors, brake pedal status (in automatic transmission vehicles) and clutch pedal status (in manual transmission vehicles).

When the driver applies brakes, the i-Stop system shuts off the engine. Besides, the idling stop system temporarily turns the fuel injection and ignition off. 

It keeps monitoring when the driver is ready to resume driving. For instance, when the motorist releases the brake pedal in automatic transmission vehicles or depresses the clutch pedal in manual transmission vehicles, the i-Stop system initiates a rapid and seamless engine restart. The engine restarts using a combination of the starter motor and fuel injection.

The Mazda i-Stop system incorporates control logic that takes into account various factors before deciding to shut off the engine. These factors include engine temperature, battery charge and air conditioning demands. The system aims to balance fuel efficiency and driver comfort, avoiding unnecessary engine shutdowns in certain conditions.


car interior with a start-stop engine switch
This system monitors various parameters such as driving conditions

The Mazda engine-idling-stop system offers several advantages, such as the following:

  • Automatically shuts off the engine during idling to conserve fuel
  • Minimises carbon footprint from the car by reducing idle time
  • Provides a seamless and quick engine restart for a smooth transition to driving
  • Incorporates intelligent control to optimise fuel efficiency while considering factors like engine temperature and battery status
  • Engineered with durable components to handle repeated engine restarts without significant impact on battery life
  • Beneficial in urban or stop-and-go traffic conditions where frequent stops occur
  • Contributes to compliance with emission standards by reducing overall vehicle emissions

Mazda i-Stop System Indicator Lights

For a smooth driving experience, the i-Stop system continuously monitors the driver’s actions, the vehicle’s internal and external surroundings and the operational state of the car. It turns the following lights as a warning to the drivers when driving the car and using the start-stop system. 

Amber Light – i-Stop Warning

The amber light illuminates upon switching on the ignition and turns off upon engine start. Additionally, it activates when the i-Stop OFF switch is pressed, indicating the deactivation of the system.

Green Light – i-Stop Indicator

When you stop at a signal, the green light indicates that the i-Stop system is turned on. Meanwhile, it switches off as soon as the driver lets off the brake pedal and starts accelerating the car.

Flashing i-Stop Light

If the driver doesn’t press the brake pedal with sufficient force required to activate the Mazda i-Stop system, the flashing light turns on.

How to Turn Off the i-Stop System

Mazda i-Stop Off button
One can’t deactivate the i-Stop system permanently

Drivers can deactivate the i-Stop system by utilising the “i-Stop OFF” switch beside the steering wheel. Simply press the switch until a beep is heard, indicating the deactivation of the i-Stop function. After that, the i-Stop warning light in the instrument cluster will illuminate. 

It’s important to note that this deactivation is not permanent. Drivers will need to press the button at the beginning of each car trip if they don’t prefer to utilise the i-Stop feature. 


How do I know if i-Stop is working?

If the i-Stop system is working, you will be able to see the indicator or warning lights on the car dashboard.

Can i-stop be turned off permanently?

No. You can’t deactivate the Mazda idling stop system permanently. Besides, it works like an eco-mode in the car. That said, i-Stop is a little different, but it is one of the tips for eco-friendly driving to keep it activated.

These were all the details on the Mazda i-Stop system. Drivers can activate and deactivate them as per their preference. When you buy a used Mazda car in the UAE, you can benefit from this technology.

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