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Function Types Components Maintenance FAQs The flywheel is a silent hero in your car’s engine, ensuring everything stays in balance. It is one of the crucial components working behind the scenes to guarantee smooth operation and overall engine performance. Let’s discuss more about the functions of a car engine flywheel, its importance in a car […]
Charge Key Fob Battery Charging Station Overheating Software FAQs A malfunctioning Electric Vehicle (EV) can be a nightmare for many, especially when it is not starting. While the problem of electric vehicles not starting is not a common occurrence, it can happen due to specific reasons. However, knowing these reasons can help drivers identify the […]
Drive and Terrain Mode Selection Santa Fe – Defining Excellence FAQs In the pursuit of elevating the driving experience, Hyundai has unveiled a groundbreaking feature in its Santa Fe SUV – the Terrain Mode Selector. This innovative technology also represents a significant stride forward. It also showcases Hyundai’s dedication to providing a superior driving experience […]
Blown Fuse Malfunctioning Side Mirror Motor  Faulty Side Mirror Switches  Car Computer Problems FAQs A car’s power side mirrors contribute to driver safety by minimising blind spots and improving overall visibility. However, when these side mirrors cease to function, they become a source of frustration and compromise safety on the road. Various factors contribute to […]
Symptoms Causes Replacement Cost FAQs Every manual transmission vehicle relies on a crucial yet often overlooked component known as the flywheel. Acting as a mechanical powerhouse, the flywheel ensures smooth engine operation and seamless gear changes. However, like any other vehicle part, flywheels can deteriorate over time, leading to a range of symptoms that shouldn’t […]
Pop up Headlights Round Headlights Rectangular Headlights Shaped Headlights Clamshell or Hidden Headlights FAQs A headlight is an element that tends to both safety and aesthetic aspects of a car. From the design point of view, this car part has evolved significantly over the decades. Today, we see several car headlight types crafted in different […]
Causes of Vehicle Bounce Ways to Overcome FAQs A smooth car ride requires stability and control. While good driving habits ensure control, properly operational vehicle components ensure stability on the road. Speaking of stability in cars, the suspension system plays a key role in this regard. Problems in the car’s suspension system can lead to […]
Understanding Plates Types Who Needs It How to Choose FAQs Off-roading vehicles are built tougher than conventional vehicles as they require additional strength to manoeuvre around tough terrains. Amidst a number of additional driving and safety features, skid plates hold a significant position. Skid plates are positioned underneath the engine bay to protect major car […]
Benefits Types Materials Where to Buy  FAQs Waking up in the morning and finding dust, dirt or bird droppings on your vehicle sounds frustrating. That’s where a car cover comes into play. When you park your car, you can cover the vehicle to protect it from scratches, dust or debris. But why are car covers […]
The ignition control module holds a paramount position amidst the other parts of an internal combustion engine. It is the brain that controls the ignition timing and spark generation, enabling the air-fuel mixture to burn. That said, without an ignition control module, the proper ignition will be impossible, resulting in inefficient engine performance. Moreover, it […]