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Timely maintenance can significantly increase a vehicle’s running life. For maintenance, cleaning is perhaps the most crucial practice. Dirt or harmful particles settling on car components can cause great damage to the parts – leading to major issues and breakdown in some cases. One of the major engine components that require timely cleaning is the […]
Driving a truck or heavy-duty vehicle is quite different from cruising a light transport vehicle (LTV). Although both require maintenance and attention for safe driving, truck drivers need to be extra vigilant since they carry tons of loads. Moreover, these loads can be hazardous chemicals, fuels or any harmful substance. As a heavy vehicle driver, […]
Car dashboard lights play a crucial role in providing essential information about a vehicle’s status. This includes fuel levels, engine temperature and potential warnings. However, it can be quite alarming when car dashboard lights are not working. Fortunately, repairing car dashboard lights doesn’t always require a visit to the mechanic. In this comprehensive guide, we […]
The integration of AI in the automobile industry revolutionises vehicles and future mobility. All the top-tier automobile manufacturers across the globe are focused on providing sustainable and efficient mobility solutions including Nissan. Nissan, one of the leading Japanese automobile companies, has embedded technologically advanced features in its vehicles. The prime example of such advanced features […]
Car enthusiasts often equate engine sound with sportiness and power. The louder the sound, the more thrilling cruising becomes for them, even if they’re just navigating through the traffic. However, producing engine sound is not something that can be naturally achieved in electric cars. Since these vehicles run on battery-powered motors, they offer a quieter […]
A recreational vehicle, commonly known as an RV is a vehicle with living spaces for overnight or long trips. RV owners usually embark on adventurous journeys in their trailers; however, it is important to keep them maintained for every season. We have compiled the ultimate RV maintenance checklist for every season.  RV Maintenance Checklist Tips […]
Ventilation of clean air through a car engine is good for its performance as it helps maintain proper combustion. However, the real problem arises when excess air gets into critical vehicle systems, such as fluid lines.  Hindering the flow of cooling fluids, trapped air can create hot spots in the engine. This may lead to […]
Every car owner experiences electrical issues at some point. Electrical problems can be frustrating and affect the overall vehicle’s performance, from dead batteries to malfunctioned lights. The electrical system in a car plays a vital role in its overall functionality. However, like any other mechanical component, the wiring in a car can deteriorate over time, […]
When it comes to the safety of our vehicles, many components demand our immediate attention when they fail or break. One such crucial part is the wheel stud. Mounted on the vehicle wheel assembly, it is a small but vital component that secures the car wheels when fastened with a lug nut.  Think what would […]
Your vehicle’s engine ground strap plays a crucial role in ensuring proper electrical grounding. This is essential for various components to function optimally. When the ground strap becomes worn or damaged, it can lead to several electrical problems affecting your vehicle’s performance and safety. Here we will explore ten common bad engine ground strap symptoms. […]