The automobile industry has significantly availed from technological advancements. Integration of technology elevates the driving experience, safety and overall efficiency of a car. A prime example of technological inclusion and its positive impact on the car is the infotainment system. Unlike traditional infotainment systems, the modern one serves multiple purposes and also enhances the driving […]
Modern vehicles are engineering marvels, comprising a plethora of interconnected components working harmoniously to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance. Among these crucial components are various types of pumps that play essential roles in the functioning of a car. These pumps are responsible for delivering essential fluids to different systems, enhancing efficiency and ensuring the […]
It can be an unpleasant surprise to meet a dead battery when you slide behind the wheel of a hybrid car. While most drivers are familiar with jumpstarting a traditional car, it might seem like a daunting task to jumpstart a hybrid car. This is mainly because of the unique combination of powertrains in a […]
Octane rating, also called the octane number, is a measurement of fuel quality and its capacity to resist knocking or pre-ignition in internal combustion engines. A higher octane number indicates a greater ability of the fuel to burn effectively within the engine of the vehicle.  Simply put, knocking, also known as engine knocking or detonation, […]
When it comes to off-roading and all-terrain driving, the ground clearance of a vehicle plays a pivotal role. A higher ground clearance protects the car against undercarriage damage caused by bottoming out. This is why off-roading enthusiasts often opt for installing auto lift kits in their adventure vehicles. It is how they ensure that their […]
Several car components play a crucial role in the engine’s functioning. Piston rings are such components that create a seal between the piston and cylinder wall. This seal is crucial for optimising engine performance by maintaining an accurate compression ratio and preventing loss of power. Here are all the details about rings on the pistons, […]
Automobiles have evolved significantly over the years. The more than century-old automobile history has witnessed the introduction of a plethora of advanced features and components. Features that once seemed like a daydream have now become a necessity for vehicle owners. One such feature is the hydraulic trunk. The component allows easy opening and closure of […]
When you open the oil cap in the engine bay for the regular oil change, you may find white stuff under the oil cap. While this car issue isn’t harmful, it indicates how one has taken care of the vehicle. It doesn’t indicate a serious concern. However, it requires an inspection to ensure other issues […]
A regular car wash routine is essential as it helps maintain a spotless vehicle. People often prefer washing cars by hand, but a thorough cleaning treatment is required often. This is when a car wash becomes necessary. You can either go for a manual or an automatic car wash.  That said, if you are choosing […]
Automobile brands continuously experiment with new features to facilitate the users. Some of these features are excluded after the trial phase and some become standard in vehicles. One such standard feature is the air recirculation present in almost all vehicles. The air recirculation button is present on the dashboard near the AC controls. However, not […]