When it comes to the safety of our vehicles, many components demand our immediate attention when they fail or break. One such crucial part is the wheel stud. Mounted on the vehicle wheel assembly, it is a small but vital component that secures the car wheels when fastened with a lug nut.  Think what would […]
Your vehicle’s engine ground strap plays a crucial role in ensuring proper electrical grounding. This is essential for various components to function optimally. When the ground strap becomes worn or damaged, it can lead to several electrical problems affecting your vehicle’s performance and safety. Here we will explore ten common bad engine ground strap symptoms. […]
When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it’s essential to address issues promptly to ensure your safety and the longevity of your car. One common problem that car owners may encounter is a cracked exhaust pipe. The exhaust system is crucial to your vehicle’s performance, emissions control and overall functionality. Following, we will discuss the implications […]
When it comes to the appearance and utility of automotive design, every car part can make a difference. Even something as basic as a door handle can impact the vehicle’s overall design, functionality and safety. As we look back at automotive history, we come across many different types of car door handles. Some contributed to […]
In automotive systems, faults occasionally occur affecting vehicle performance and functionality. A common type of fault is an open loop fault in cars. It occurs when a component or circuit in the car’s system fails, disrupting the flow of information or signals. This leads to instability in the car’s functioning, thus, hindering a safe ride […]
The automobile industry has witnessed a surge of technological advancements in vehicles. The adoption of technology has resulted in safer, more connected and more efficient cars. Almost all the leading automobile brands are adopting technologies at a faster pace including Nissan.  To take vehicle connectivity and efficiency to the next level, Nissan has introduced Nissan […]
A car exhaust system is made up of several essential components that work together to ensure optimal performance. Serving as an exhaust pipe connector, a flex pipe is among these key parts of the exhaust. As the name suggests, it maintains flexibility by neutralising thermal expansion. This means an efficiently functioning flex pipe protects the […]
Maintenance is an integral part of owning a vehicle. Timely maintenance ensures a vehicle remains in good condition for a long time. Whether a vehicle is parked or is in regular use, maintenance is a must in either case. However, maintenance becomes more important when a vehicle is driven on unfamiliar terrains – off-roading for […]
The car’s exterior requires regular maintenance to retain its colour and shine. Car owners opt for several different ways of cleaning their vehicles, one being clay bar detail. For clay bar detailing, all you need is a bar of clay and a lubricant. Clay bar is an effective detailing technique, as it is non-abrasive and […]
Automobile manufacturers design engines with different camshaft configurations, each with its own sets of advantages. In this regard, overhead cam vs overhead valve is among the most debated topics when considering car engines, performance, design and utility. Which one has a better or more compact design? Which provides more power? Here’s a comprehensive comparison between […]