DIY: 7 Common Car Repairs You Can Tackle Yourself

diy car repairs for owners

  • Oil Change
  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Coolant Replacement
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Windshield Wiper Replacement
  • Car Lights Replacement
  • Car Tyre Replacement/Rotation
  • FAQs

Automobiles are of great convenience in many ways. Easy mobility, storage options and flexibility, the benefits are plenty. However, vehicles remain prone to damage. Either by lack of maintenance, damage or normal wear and tear. While fixing certain damages can cost a fair amount of time and money, some repairs can be done at home. These DIY car repairs for owners can help save money upfront.

Moreover, drivers need not to be automobile experts to carry out these simple repairs. We have compiled a list of some easy DIY car repairs for owners to help them save time and money.

DIY Car Repairs for Owners

Maintenance remains an integral part of owning a vehicle. Owners following the car maintenance checklist typically avoid issues such as premature wear of parts. Issues in some components may also lead to further deterioration in major engine components.

While complex issues require a professional expertise, others are rather easy to fix at home. Addressing issues promptly can also increase a vehicle’s running life. Besides, fixing non-complex issues helps save time and money.

Let’s go through some DIY easy car repairs for owners that can be done at home.


oil changing is one of the diy car repairs for owners
Changing vehicle is an easy DIY job car owners can do

Engine oil plays an important role in the smooth running of engine components. Therefore, delaying vehicle oil change can have dire effects on the engine. Fortunately, the process to change engine oil is rather simple and can be done at home.

It is important to know when to change engine oil. Experts advise changing oil every 5,000 km to 12,000 km. However, for synthetic oil, the range expands to about 160000 km. Additionally, it is advisable to change engine oil 2-3 hours after the car is driven as the liquid might be too hot.

Also, be sure to change the oil filter when changing engine oil. A filter separates debris and contaminants and prevents harmful particles from entering the engine.


  • Raise the vehicle to a good height.
  • Place the pan below the oil tank and remove the plug. Make sure all oil is drained.
  • Locate the oil filter and replace it.
  • Once done, reinstall the cap on the tank.
  • Use a funnel to refill the required amount of oil.
  • Check the vehicle for any sorts of leaks.
  • Run the engine idle and wait for oil to settle.


brake pads are an integral part of vehicle safety
Vehicle owners can also change brake pads at home

Brake pads are perhaps the most important part of vehicle safety. Several factors affect brake pads’ lifespan such as bad driving habits, pads quality and more. Whatever the reason might be, timely replacement of brake pads is pivotal to ensure safety.

Luckily, brake pad replacement is one of the easy DIY car repairs for owners to do at home. A brake pad box contains all the required tools to change the pads. While replacing brake pads, be sure to lubricate them to avoid squealing.

Moreover, follow these brake maintenance tips to take better care of these important safety components.


  • Remove the vehicle’s wheel.
  • Carefully remove the slider bolt.
  • Incline the calliper up.
  • Pull out the old brake pads.
  • Be sure to replace the changing clip.
  • Fit in the new brake pads.
  • Inspect the brake fluid level.
  • Position the calliper to the original position.
  • Reinstall the slider bolts.
  • Take a test drive in safe conditions to ensure pads are properly installed.


For a smooth and safe ride, vehicle coolants should be at the optimal level at all times. Those driving cars with low coolant levels put safety at risk. Additionally, low coolant levels can cause serious damage to the engine. These can lead to issues like engine overheating, blowing a head gasket or other major components.

The process is rather simple as owners have to flush the existing coolants and replace them with new ones. However, it is important to go through the vehicle manual to check the service intervals. Moreover, be sure to check the coolants regularly for freezing or overheating.


  • Apply the handbrake to ensure the vehicle doesn’t move and make sure the engine is cold.
  • Use a jack stand to raise the front part of the vehicle.
  • Remove underbody shielding (if any).
  • Place the container pan below the radiator and open the drain valve.
  • Let coolants completely drain into the container pan.
  • Remove the tank to remove any debris and place it back into its place.
  • Replace the drain valve.
  • Fill the new coolants up to the optimal level.


replacing a car battery is also among the eas diy car repairs for owners
Changing a car battery is also among the DIY car repair jobs

The battery is pivotal for the smooth running of a vehicle. Its significance has further increased for modern cars as smart systems need power to operate. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the car battery check light and other symptoms of a bad battery.

Regardless of the factor impacting performance, replacing a battery is among the simple DIY car repairs for owners to do. Make notes of the terminals to avoid connecting any wrong wires. Additionally, ensure timely car battery maintenance for the smooth running of the component.


  • Locate the car battery and remove cables from the terminals.
  • Remove any bolts or screws holding the battery to the car.
  • Remove the battery and check the space for any signs of dirt and debris.
  • Clean the place and place the new battery.
  • Bolt all the screws to ensure the battery doesn’t move from its place.
  • Plug in the cables in the respective terminals of the new battery.


Replacing windshield wipers is also among the basic car fixes for owners. The windshield wipers play an integral role in ensuring clear road visibility. Moreover, most car windshield wipers have a universal fit – making them easier to fit.

Considering the easy process, some suppliers offer free installation when buying windshield wiper blades from them. However, doing this easy replacement at home can save a trip to the mechanic shop.


  • Buy the appropriate wipers for your vehicle.
  • Lift the wipers and put something between the windshield and wipers to protect the screen.
  • Lift the wipers up to 90 degrees or more as per the mechanism. Some wipers may have screws while others can be easily removed from this position.
  • Clip in the new wipers or screw them as per their type. Position them to the original functioning state and try them before going for a drive.


Rather similar to replacing bulbs at home, car light replacement is also one of the easy DIY car repairs for owners. The replacement job does not require any special tools other than the ones owners have in their arsenal.

However, safety should be in check when changing car headlights or any other lights of the vehicle. Be sure to wear safety gloves to avoid electrical shocks and other related hazards.


  • Turn off the vehicle and avoid touching any wires with naked hands.
  • Wear safety gloves and open the vehicle’s hood to locate the light’s housing.
  • Disconnect all wires from the headlights.
  • Carefully remove the headlight. In some vehicles the housing may be surrounded by other components. Therefore, be sure to avoid removing any other wires.
  • Remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one.
  • Place the headlight to its original position and reconnect all the wires.
  • Turn the engine on and test the headlights before hitting the road.


change car tyres at home is one of the Car maintenance for owners to follow
Changing vehicle tyres does necessarily not require a trip to the mechanic

Rotation of tyres prevents premature wear and prolongs the running life of the major components. It is basic car maintenance for owners to follow for any vehicle. Whether using seasonal, EV tyres or any other types, rotation can be of great help to the owners.

Fortunately, tyre rotation is among the most common do-it-yourself auto repairs. Instead of taking the vehicle to the auto shop and spending money, the job can be done at home. Go through these car tyre-changing FAQs to get answers to all related questions.


  • Park the vehicle at a safe place and apply the parking brake.
  • Apply wheel wedges to ensure the vehicle doesn’t move during the process.
  • Remove the wheel cover if your vehicle has one. Once done, loosen the lug nuts.
  • Place the jack along the flat tyre and raise the vehicle.
  • Remove the lug nuts and pull the tyre out.
  • Place the new tyre on the hub. Place the lug nuts and gently tighten the lug nuts.
  • Lower the vehicle back to its original place and remove the jack stand.
  • Tighten the lug nuts carefully and place the wheel cover back.
  • Check tyre pressure before taking the vehicle out for a spin.

All the aforementioned DIY car repairs for owners are doable at home. However, be sure to have the right tools when doing any of the repairs. Moreover, if you are unaware of any of the processes, it is best to let a mechanic handle the job.


What Can I Fix Myself on a Car?

There are several repairs car owners can do on their own. Some of these include changing tyres, brake pads, coolant, battery, windshield wipers and lights among more.

What is the Easiest Thing to Fix on a Car?

Changing car battery, tyres, lights, oil and coolants remain some of the easiest car repair jobs.

This brings us to the end of the simple car repair tasks owners can do at home. Some easy repairs can help car owners save a fair amount of time and money. However, for major repairs, it is advisable to take the vehicles to the repair shop.

Check out these repairs not to do yourself as you may do more harm than good. For complex repair jobs, there are many car repair services in the UAE to help get the job done professionally.

If your vehicle requires frequent repairs and visits to the mechanic, it is a considerable option to go for a vehicle change. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and have your pick from a wide variety of vehicles listed.

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for information about DIY car repairs for owners and more.


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