How to Deal with Electronic Issues After Replacing the Car Battery

electrical issues after replacing the battery in cars

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Modern cars have a cluster of instrumentation, sensors and electronic components. That said, a battery wears down after running a complex electronic framework. As part of vehicle maintenance, auto manufacturers and experts recommend replacing the battery every two to three years.

A car owner may have to deal with several electrical issues after replacing the battery in the car. For instance, a sensor malfunctioning, throttle response issues or headlights and horn not working are a few problems after battery replacement.

Here are some common electrical issues after battery replacement and methods to deal with them.

Common Problems After Replacing Car Battery

An intact car battery becomes essential for properly functioning complex electrical systems. For that reason, battery replacement is a must if dealing with issues such as the car not starting or the battery warning light on the dashboard turning on.

Additionally, it is one of the best ways to deal with a dead car battery. However, you may face several electrical issues after replacing the battery in a car. 

Let’s learn about these problems and the solutions to these issues.

The Car Doesn’t Start

When you start a car, the battery powers the starter motor. After that, the car alternator keeps the vehicle running. However, a car cranking but not starting is an electrical issue that often happens after battery replacement or the battery is low on charge.

A man changing the replacing battery
If the car is not starting, battery terminals might be loose

How to Fix it

It happens due to incorrect installation of battery or loose terminals. Moreover, worn-out or damaged terminals are reasons for this electrical issue. In this case, turn off the ignition and check if the terminals require cleaning or proper fitting. 

After ensuring everything is in order, you can try starting the car once again. If the problem exists, you can try ways to jump-start a car battery.

Burning Smell

A burning smell from a car is never a good sign. Be it burning of oil, engine heat up or car short circuit – all are signs of worries for car owners. If you have connected the terminals in reverse, it will cause a spark and the burning smell will follow it. Although it is difficult to identify the type of burning smell, you can check under the hood.

How to fix it

car battery warning light on dashboard
When the terminals are placed incorrectly, a burning smell can disrupt due to the short circuit

When you smell a burning wire, it is due to the reversed polarity. Plus, it is one of the very common electrical issues after replacing the battery in a car. You can fix it by correctly fitting the terminals. 

If the smell persists, you can learn the battery testing basics and identify the problem. Besides, it can be due to loose cables that can become a reason behind car battery drain.

Check Engine and Battery Warning Light

If the battery replacement is done incorrectly, it is a cause of the check engine light turning on alongside the battery warning light. Since the car computers (electronic control unit) won’t receive the power, a check engine light indicates the electrical issues.

Moreover, some electrical components may lose their memory due to losing the power. For instance, seat recliners or power seats with memory can become a bit of a hurdle to operate again.

How to fix it

a check engine light on dashboard due to electrical issue after battery replacement
Check engine light may also come up after the battery replacement that will turn off after you drive for a while

The warning lights on the car dashboard indicate a potential failure and maintenance requirement. You can follow the useful tips for car battery maintenance, which helps in avoiding these electrical problems after replacing the battery in a car.

Windows, Headlights and Horn Failure

Several car components can malfunction due to battery problems. For instance, the window opening and closing button won’t receive the power and won’t work. Similarly, headlights may fail. Besides, a car horn may not work as well. 

A car alarm can malfunction, which alerts the drivers when unlocking the car. Some sensors may stop working. All these components will require a proper recalibration.

How to fix it

While you can learn to fix the car horn not working or other electrical components failing, check the car battery terminals first. If the terminals are loose, fix them. Furthermore, you can learn to remove the corrosion from the battery and terminals to avoid these issues.

Quick Battery Drainage

replacing the battery in cars can help enhance car performance
It’s important to seek service from a professional to avoid an electrical issue after the battery change in cars

One of the most crucial electrical issues after replacing the car battery is draining constantly. Since battery is among the DIY repairs for car owners, it can become a major issue if not replaced correctly. 

How to fix it

Motorists can take their cars to battery replacement centres in Abu Dhabi or the Emirates, where they reside. Besides, a professional can replace the car battery easily without any issues. 


Why is my car acting weird after a new battery?

Your car may act weird after a new battery due to the disruption of electronic systems. For instance, it causes issues like loss of memory settings, idle/throttle relearning and triggering warning lights. 

Do I need to reprogram my car after battery replacement?

Yes, you may need to reprogram and recalibrate the battery to the system. You must check the sensors and ECU working after replacing the battery.

Can I get shocked when replacing a car battery?

No, you can’t get electrocuted when replacing a car battery due to a low voltage. However, you can receive a shock from other automotive electrical components.

These were all the details about the electrical issues after replacing the battery in the car. These issues can lead to major issues. Therefore, when you buy a used car in the UAE and change its battery, follow the expert guidelines or seek professional help. Moreover, you can learn about common electrical problems in cars.

Stay tuned to the dubizzle Cars blog and learn more about different vehicle part replacements and issues.


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