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A vehicle parked for long durations can be a victim of several problems. For instance, tyre deflation, rust on components and fading paint among more. Additionally, one of the car’s major components i.e. the battery, can also suffer consequences like drainage. Fortunately, advancements in the technological sector have seen the introduction of notable components to overcome such issues. Trickle charging, for instance, is a great way to combat battery drainage problems in a parked vehicle. We will do a detailed overview of trickle charging working and limitations and learn all about the effective method.

What Is Trickle Charging?

trickle charging is an effective way to preserve car battery
A trickle charger helps preserve a car battery and prevents pre mature degradation

A trickle charger charges a car battery and prevents drainage. Unlike normal charging techniques, trickle chargers come with lower amperage. Additionally, the charging rate tends to be on the slower side compared to conventional charging.

A trickle charger can be a handy option to combat parasitic drainage and battery depletion. Particularly, for a vehicle charged for long durations. Moreover, the unique charging method puts less stress on the battery – making it last longer. Majorly used for juicing up a battery in a car parked for a long time, a trickle charger is a great tool to have in one’s arsenal.

Trickle Charging Working

Different car battery chargers come with a range of amperages. Consequently, they charge batteries fast or slow depending on their respective capacities. Additionally, specific types can be left on vehicles without causing issues like overcharging and battery damage.

Usually, dealing with a dead car battery can be a troublesome experience. Trickle chargers remain a viable option to combat this issue. Generally, a trickle charger churns out between 1 to 3 amperes. Although the charging time takes long, it prolongs battery life.

Moreover, modern and smart versions of these chargers are available as well. For instance, smart or automatic trickle chargers. The modern types automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged. Similarly, smart trickle chargers can turn on depending on the battery’s charge level.

Advantages of Trickle Charging

Besides longer charging duration, trickle charging can be advantageous in several ways. Let’s go through the major advantages of trickle charging and see how it helps with car battery maintenance as a whole.


a car battery's life is prolonged with the advanced charging method
Trickle charging prolongs the battery’s running life

A stationary vehicle can suffer issues like battery depletion and degradation. Moreover, it can lose charge with time. A trickle charger keeps a battery charged – reducing the chance of premature deterioration. Consequently, this increases a battery’s running life.


A trickle charger can be left in a vehicle for overnight charging. Vehicle owners need to keep an eye out while charging is in session. Moreover, there are no risks of overcharging or damage to the components like battery current sensor and others. This is because modern models are designed to turn on and off automatically as per need.

Furthermore, trickle chargers are rather easy to set up. Car owners need not be experts to connect the chargers to the vehicles.


trickle charging is a rather budget-friendly option
Compared to other charging materials, trickle chargers remain a rather budget-friendly option

Compared to heavy-duty or solar chargers, trickle chargers are rather feasible. Moreover, with trickle charging, vehicle owners don’t need to visit a service centre. All in all, this makes trickle chargers a financially viable option.

How to Use a Trickle Charger

Battery preservation is an important part of a car maintenance schedule. Improper use of material can also cause damage to the battery. Therefore, it is essential to know how to operate components like trickle chargers. Listed below is the best way to trickle charge a car battery using safe techniques.


Park the vehicle at a safe and isolated spot. Ideally, a covered location should be the best option. Additionally, make sure there are sockets nearby to connect the trickle charger.


The evolution of car batteries has witnessed the transition from lead-acid to lithium-ion. Every vehicle model comes with certain power specifications. Be sure to adjust the trickle charger according to the specs.

Match the values with the range given on the car battery. Failure to do so can cause serious damage to the battery. Moreover, it leaves a car battery prone to fires because of overcharging.


The next step in the trickle charging method is to ground the charger. Fix the charger’s grounding clip to the vehicle’s body. Additionally, make sure the spot is clean and clear. Grounding is essential to ensure safety as it reduces the risk of electrocution and power surges.


connect the clips carefully to the battery  terminals
Connect the clips to the respective terminals of the battery

Attach the red clip to the battery’s positive terminal and the black one to the negative terminal. Be sure to clean corroded car battery terminals for effective outcomes. Make sure the clips are properly attached to the battery terminals. Moreover, do not turn the trickle charger on before this step.


Next, plug in the trickle charger to the outlet. Ensure that the charger is off before plugging it in.


Once all the aforementioned steps are done, turn the switch on and let the car battery charge. With trickle charging, it is possible to let the vehicle charge overnight. However, it is advisable to keep timely checks.

Watch out for sparks, bubbling or irregular sounds. Although highly unlikely, these signs indicate an issue in the charging process.


Turn off the switch, unplug the charger and remove the clips once the battery is fully charged. The vehicle is now ready to drive with a charged battery.

prolong the battery's long life using the advanced charging method
Use the advanced charging method and ensure the car battery’s long running life


Is Trickle Charging Good for Car Battery?

Although a slow method, trickle charging helps preserve a car battery. Additionally, the advanced method prevents premature degradation and overcharging. All in all, using a trickle charger is good for the car battery.

Is It OK to Trickle Charge a Car Battery Overnight?

Trickle chargers are ideal for charging batteries in parked vehicles. Therefore, charging batteries using trickle chargers overnight is a safe option. However, vehicle owners can do timely checks to ensure everything is running properly.

This is everything about trickle charging functions, methods and pros. Trickle charging can be a great way to avoid car battery drains in a parked vehicle. With the modern charging method, car owners can park their vehicles for long durations without worrying about battery drainage or damage.

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