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Among the notable innovations from the brand, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is a key feature. This advanced technology is featured in numerous new Volkswagen models, including the Atlas SUV. 

The VW Digital Cockpit represents a departure from conventional dashboards, introducing a customisable high-resolution display and digital gauges. This design ensures that all essential vehicle information is conveniently presented within the driver’s line of sight. Let’s delve into the details of the VW Digital Cockpit.

Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Features

features for the Volkswagen digital cockpit 2023
The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit replaces conventional analog gauges

The primary feature is a fully digital display that replaces conventional analogue gauges. Among others, this display can be customised to show a variety of information including:

  • Altimeter
  • Tachometer
  • Speedometer
  • Driving range
  • Compass
  • Navigation
  • Phone
  • Safety features
  • Fuel economy

Other features include the following:

Customization Options

Drivers can often personalise the layout and content of the digital cockpit, allowing them to prioritise information that is most relevant to them.

Navigation Integration

The system can integrate with navigation systems, providing turn-by-turn directions directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Media and Phone Controls

Controls for multimedia and phone functions can be integrated into the digital cockpit, offering easy access without the need to look away from the road.

Driver Assistance Information

Important information related to driver assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assistance, may be displayed on the digital cockpit.

Vehicle Performance Data

Some versions of the digital cockpit provide real-time information about the vehicle’s performance, such as engine data and fuel efficiency, among others.

What Features Are Incorporated in the VW Digital Cockpit?

The VW Digital Cockpit incorporates the following elements:

  • A 12.3-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) with a resolution of 1440 by 540 pixels.
  • The display is strategically positioned in front of the steering wheel, eliminating the need to strain your eyes to read the screen.
  • Access to a wide range of information, including navigation directions for popular spots and updates on safety systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control.
  • The ability to view your contact list on the display and utilise the steering wheel-mounted controls for making and receiving calls.

Which Volkswagen Models Come Equipped with the VW Digital Cockpit?

VW Digital Cockpit features
The VW Digital Cockpit incorporates innovative features

The presence of the VW Digital Cockpit depends on the trim level, but you have the option to include this groundbreaking feature in the following vehicles:

  • 2019 Jetta
  • 2019 Atlas
  • 2019 Tiguan
  • 2019 Golf R
  • 2019 e-Golf

What is Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro?

Volkswagen Digital Cockpit functions details
Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro is an advanced version of the VW Digital Cockpit

Having gained popularity across much of Volkswagen’s model range, the automaker has introduced an upgraded version known as the Digital Cockpit Pro. This enhanced ‘Pro’ iteration boasts a larger 10.25-inch display, three viewing options and customisation capabilities.

Full-screen Display

The Digital Cockpit Pro provides a variety of views that can be customised based on driver preferences, spanning from the traditional dual-gauge look to a sleek digital style and a full-screen display.


To access the array of customisations for the digital cockpit, drivers need to navigate to the ‘Car’ menu on the home screen. From there, selecting ‘Digital Cockpit’ opens up various presets that can include combinations of features including 

  • Fuel range
  • Compass
  • Audio stations
  • Elevation
  • Road signs
  • Fuel economy
  • Route guidance
  • Travel time 
  • Driver-assistance systems

Regardless of the chosen screen, drivers can also designate which items permanently appear on the left and right sides of the display, ensuring essential information is always accessible while driving.


For an added customisation feature, drivers can alter the overall aesthetic of the vehicle cabin using interior lighting. By choosing ‘ambient lighting’ in the vehicle settings panel, drivers can select from a palette of colours to illuminate the door panels, front console and footwells. They can also enhance accent/background colours within the digital cockpit, with a selection of up to 30 colours. 

Volkswagen provides pre-configured ‘mood’ lighting profiles for those who prefer predefined customization options. In addition to customisation, if drivers plan to share their vehicle with others, each driver can save their specific settings. These include seating positions, cabin temperature and side mirror positions.

Vehicle Diagnostics and Notifications 

Simply put, the Digital Cockpit Pro goes beyond mere information display; it serves as your hub for essential vehicle diagnostics and notifications. Features conveniently accessible at a glance include:

  • Receiving prompts to press the brake pedal during startup or when shifting
  • Locate the fuel door on the passenger side
  • Check the outdoor temperature
  • View the current time 

How to Use VW Digital Cockpit Pro

The gauge cluster of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro offers access to various views and pages with information. The information includes: 

Navigation Screen

Allows the driver to see and access turn-by-turn guidance within their line of sight, eliminating the necessity to shift focus to the centrally located touchscreen on the dashboard when navigating.

Audio Page

Enables drivers to view and switch between different radio stations.

Vehicle Status Page

Relays crucial messages from the vehicle regarding servicing and other real-time updates.

Driving Data Page

This Volkswagen Digital function provides information on fuel economy, driving range and traffic sign identification. Additionally, the driver can access Advanced Driver Assistance Systems features. It allows drivers to view and adjust settings for lane-maintenance features, adaptive cruise control and other accident-avoidance technologies.

Using the controls on the steering wheel, the driver can interact with several systems, including navigation. When Bluetooth is connected, the steering wheel facilitates access to the phone menu, providing options to make and receive calls.


What is VW Digital Cockpit?

The VW Digital Cockpit is a customisable, high-resolution display behind the steering wheel that replaces traditional analog gauges with a digital screen. It provides drivers with a wealth of information at a glance.

What information does the Digital Cockpit display?

The information that the Digital Cockpit displays include altimeter, tachometer, speedometer, driving range, compass, navigation, phone, safety features and fuel economy.

That is all about the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. Besides here is a list of used Volkswagen for sale in the UAE. 

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