When it comes to automobiles, the engine is a powerhouse. Being a significant part of the vehicle, engines have remained in the spotlight of automobile brands. Each brand designs and produces internal combustion engines to come up with an efficient and powerful machine. Automotive brands have come up with different designs, layouts and cylinder configurations […]
Modern vehicles are equipped with a plethora of sensors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Among these sensors, the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor plays a critical role. It helps in keeping the engine operating at the optimal temperature. This device also helps to maintain the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and emission control. However, regular maintenance and […]
A screw or nail on the road can lead to a flat car tyre – however, this is not such a big problem. If there are just minor damages with a nail embed or puncture in the tread area, the car tyres can be patched easily. Let’s go through a detailed analysis on how are […]
Automatic transmission is all about effortless driving. Once you get behind the wheel, the driver experiences a hassle-free gear transition journey. But since no machinery is immune to malfunctioning, the driver may face some challenges with automatic transmission. One such issue the driver could face is the automatic transmission not shifting into high gear. To […]
The comfort of a well-functioning car air conditioning system on a scorching day can be a true blessing. However, there are times when this essential feature of our vehicles can throw us a curveball in unexpected ways. One such issue that many car owners might encounter is the car AC making a hissing noise which […]
Ensuring the safety of both ourselves and others on the road is paramount while driving. A well-functioning braking system plays a vital role in this regard. Among the various components contributing to efficient braking, the brake booster stands out as a crucial element. Acting as a silent sentinel behind the brake pedal, the brake booster […]
The automobile industry has significantly availed from technological advancements. Integration of technology elevates the driving experience, safety and overall efficiency of a car. A prime example of technological inclusion and its positive impact on the car is the infotainment system. Unlike traditional infotainment systems, the modern one serves multiple purposes and also enhances the driving […]
Modern vehicles are engineering marvels, comprising a plethora of interconnected components working harmoniously to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance. Among these crucial components are various types of pumps that play essential roles in the functioning of a car. These pumps are responsible for delivering essential fluids to different systems, enhancing efficiency and ensuring the […]
It can be an unpleasant surprise to meet a dead battery when you slide behind the wheel of a hybrid car. While most drivers are familiar with jumpstarting a traditional car, it might seem like a daunting task to jumpstart a hybrid car. This is mainly because of the unique combination of powertrains in a […]
Octane rating, also called the octane number, is a measurement of fuel quality and its capacity to resist knocking or pre-ignition in internal combustion engines. A higher octane number indicates a greater ability of the fuel to burn effectively within the engine of the vehicle.  Simply put, knocking, also known as engine knocking or detonation, […]