Smart Ways to Deal With Auto Mechanics

Ways to Deal with Auto Mechanics

Owning a car comes with multiple responsibilities, including regular car maintenance. Delay in car maintenance not only compromises safety but also represents a false economy. To avoid this hassle, a trustable and experienced auto mechanic with a fully functional modernised workshop can help owners. However, finding such an auto mechanic is only half of the battle; dealing with them is the rest. 

For your convenience, here we have listed some ways to deal with auto mechanics smartly. 

How to Deal With Auto Mechanics

Dealing with an auto mechanic can be a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of the car-related terminologies. Therefore, it is better to learn some terms before visiting the repair shop. Browse through our car glossary and gain knowledge of car basics. 

Once you have gained some knowledge, it’s time to deal with the auto mechanic smartly. 

Communicate Clearly

Communication is the key to success everywhere and the repair shop is not unknown to it. Effectively communicate all the issues that your car is facing and wait for their response. It is better to list down the issues. Like a car starts for a second and dies immediately or water leaks from the radiator, you should be clear about all the issues that you are facing. 

After explaining all the problems, wait for their response and listen to them without interruption. Moreover, stay calm and be respectful towards the mechanic.  

car owner discussing issues with mechanic
Communicate properly with the mechanic and elaborate all the problems in the car

Be Realistic

Mechanics need time to diagnose and fix car issues. That said, visiting a mechanic is a time-consuming process. Even if it’s a quick fix, it can take hours as there are many vehicles in the queue. Ask the mechanic for the estimated waiting time and patiently wait for your turn. 

After discussing all the issues with the mechanic, ask for the repair time and if it is more than 3 hours, it is recommended to leave the car at the garage. Meanwhile, arrange transport to and from the repair shop. You can either opt for ride hailing or public transportation service in the UAE.  

Ask for Initial Diagnostics

It is not necessary to get your car repaired by the first mechanic that you visited. If you have concerns, taking a second opinion from another mechanic is always a good option. For this, ask for an initial diagnosis from both the mechanics and compare the differences. Select the mechanic that provides a more comprehensive diagnosis with fear estimated charges. 

Here are some car garages in Dubai that can help you with the process. 

Clean Your Car

Dropping off unclean and cluttered cars is unethical and can also affect the quality of repair. Clean your car properly and remove all the items and important documents from the car. Here are some expert car cleaning tips that can help you declutter your car efficiently. 

A cluttered car
Leaving a cluttered car is unethical and it can also hurdle mechanics in the repair process

Stay Available

The next on the list of tips to deal with car mechanics is to ensure your availability. Make sure that you are available during the car repair. If you are not leaving the car at the repair shop, stay in the waiting room. However, when leaving the car for a day or two, leave your number and stay on call. It is recommended to call at the day end and inquire about the repair progress from the mechanic. 

Test Drive  

Prior to receiving the car and finalising the dues, it is important to test drive the car. Ask your mechanic to accompany you during the test drive. Drive in all the gears and test all the basic functions, including reverse, parking and others. Moreover, never settle if the check engine light is on, as it highlights underlying issues in the car.  

Inquire About the Next Visit

After completing all the formalities, ask about the next visit. Discuss the potential issues with your car and the ones that are fixed by the mechanic. Inquire what if the issues are persistent and ideally, how long the repair parts should work.  


Do I need a licence to start a garage in the UAE?

Yes, a business licence is required to start a garage in the UAE. Starting a garage without a licence will be counted as illegal. 

Which is the hardest car part to repair at home?

The hardest car parts to repair at home are the suspension, engine, transmission, spark plugs and clutch. 

Can I ask my mechanic to fix my car first?

No, it would be unethical to ask your mechanic to fix your car first and leave others. 

These were all the ways to deal with auto mechanics smartly and hassle-free. Regular maintenance of vehicles is necessary to ensure smooth functioning. However, if your car malfunctions frequently and requires maintenance back and forth, it might have some major issues. In such cases, it is better to opt for another car rather than wasting time and money on the old one. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and buy a car as per your budget. 

Besides, if you are not satisfied with the diagnosis provided by the mechanic, avail yourself of the dubizzle car inspection services and get a detailed analysis report of your car.

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog to learn the steps to find a mechanic you can trust.  


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