History How It Works Usage Tips Pros and Cons FAQs While effective maintenance contributes to vehicle performance, regular cleaning makes it sparkle. Both maintenance and cleaning are crucial aspects of car care. Speaking of cleaning, it’s essential to prevent road grime and dirt from settling on any car surface. A vigilant cleaning approach can enhance […]
Cleaning Techniques Wiper Blade Maintenance Preventive Measures FAQs Driving in adverse weather conditions requires clear visibility and windshield wiper streaks can hinder your ability to see the road. If you’re worried that these persistent streaks won’t easily disappear, rest assured that there are effective ways to remove them from your car’s front window. Additionally, taking […]
Working Benefits Indicator Lights How to Turn Off FAQs Automotive manufacturers have improvised technology throughout the years to make vehicles more efficient and eco-friendly. Mazda’s i-Stop system is one such technology that stops the engine when the car is idling. The start-stop system not only improves fuel economy but also reduces emissions.  Let’s learn more […]
Test Replace FAQs The neutral safety switch is a crucial component in any vehicle’s transmission system. The part is responsible for preventing the engine from starting in any gear other than park or neutral. Over time, these switches can wear out or malfunction, leading to starting issues or safety concerns. Following we’ll walk you through […]
Charging Station Incompatibility  In-Car Smart Charging Mode Damaged Cables and Ports Disruptive Data Connection User Mistakes Extension Cables FAQs  Electric vehicles have emerged at the automotive market forefront quite rapidly. EVs come with a range of benefits, from environmental friendliness to lower maintenance costs. However, charging can sometimes be tricky due to various factors. From […]
Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coating Common Ground The Ideal Duo of PPF and Ceramic Coating FAQs Safeguarding your vehicle’s exterior is a top priority for enthusiasts and casual drivers alike. Among the different types of car coating films, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coating, stand out as the popular choices for those looking to […]
Buses are a fundamental part of Abu Dhabi’s public transportation network, providing an affordable and accessible mode of transport for residents and tourists. They offer a widespread and comprehensive network, reaching various neighborhoods, commercial areas, and key landmarks across Abu Dhabi. This accessibility ensures that people can travel conveniently to different parts of the city. […]
Components Importance Common Issues Maintenance Tips In the intricate world of automotive engineering, numerous components work together to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. One such crucial component that often goes unnoticed is the interlock shift solenoid, also known as the brake-shift interlock solenoid. This small yet powerful device plays a significant role in […]
A car’s transmission is based on a set of crucial components that ensure a smooth vehicular performance. One essential part of the transmission system is the transmission oil cooler. It is responsible for maintaining optimal temperature levels. A faulty transmission oil cooler can lead to serious issues, potentially causing extensive damage to your vehicle. Let’s […]
What is Automotive Weatherstripping? Types of Car Weatherstripping Symptoms, Causes and Fixes of Damaged Weatherstripping FAQs Automotive weatherstripping is the barrier between the outside elements and the cosy car interior, ensuring you’re shielded from rain, wind and noise. Without it, your car would be susceptible to leaks, annoying drafts and increased noise.  Here we will […]