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A malfunctioning Electric Vehicle (EV) can be a nightmare for many, especially when it is not starting. While the problem of electric vehicles not starting is not a common occurrence, it can happen due to specific reasons. However, knowing these reasons can help drivers identify the potential cause and resolve it without hassle. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the core reasons for electric cars not starting and whether you can fix them at home or not.  

Why Electric Cars Won’t Start Sometimes

The following are the potential reasons why your electric car is not starting. 

Insufficient Charge

A primary reason for electric vehicles not starting is insufficient charging. This is why it is suggested to keep a regular check on the car’s battery and charge it regularly. If the problem of a low battery is consistent, opt for the EV range extenders to enhance the battery efficiency. 

Besides, when using a charging station, follow the EV charging etiquette to avoid any hassle. 

electric car battery system
Insufficient battery charge is one of the most common reasons that your electric car is not starting

Key Fob Issues

A majority of modern vehicles have keyless ignition systems, including EVs. In keyless ignition, a key fob is used to access a car and start the vehicle. Sometimes, the key fob malfunctions, causing difficulty in starting an EV. 

To check the key fob is working, stand at a distance of one foot from the car and unlock the car. If the car responds by beeping or flashing a light, the key fob is working. However, if not, first replace the fob’s battery, and if it doesn’t respond even after the replacement, contact the manufacturer. 

Faulty Car Battery

EVs completely depend on their batteries for energy and even the slightest faults in the batteries can cause significant issues in their working. Despite having enough charge, a malfunctioning battery might become a reason for an electric vehicle not starting. 

The battery system of an EV can malfunction for multiple reasons, including extreme temperature, wiring issues, problems with the battery management system and excessive charging. To check if an EV is not starting due to a malfunctioning battery, check the dashboard. If the dashboard is on and it is showing accurate information about the charge, then the battery is working properly. However, if it is malfunctioning, it is recommended to consult with a professional. Here is how to get your car to a mechanic if it won’t start. 

Charging Station Malfunction

A charging station includes multiple components, including the charger, charging cable and charging connections. A fault in any of them will lead to improper charging, causing difficulty in starting an EV. In certain cases, the car is plugged in and charged for the required time, but it won’t start even after that. This indicates issues in charging cable; to identify it, look for physical damages. However, if you are unable to detect any physical damage, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. 

Another situation is when the charging station is not compatible with the EV. Every charging station has a different voltage output. Opt for the charging station in accordance with your car’s voltage requirements. If you own a Tesla, here are some Tesla charging stations in the UAE that you can visit. 


Electric vehicles can encounter battery system overheating despite the presence of EV cooling systems. In extreme cases, a dashboard warning light signals the overheating concern. Look out for signs such as sudden power loss, burning odours and cars not starting, as these can also indicate overheating issues.

EV dashboard
When an EV is overheated or out of charge, the dashboard starts illuminating warning lights

Software Glitches

Some EVs have an automatic update option allowing them to update the car software where needed. However, if the software is not updated completely, the car will not start. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to turn off the automatic update option in your car. 


Why is my electric car suddenly not starting?

A sudden stop in the car usually occurs when charging ends. Here is what happens when an electric car runs out of battery. 

Why is my car not starting if the battery isn’t dead?

If an electric car is not starting and the battery is completely functional, it can be due to overheating. Park your car under a shade and let it rest for a few minutes. 

Can I jumpstart an electric car?

No, electric cars can not be jump-started, and it is highly recommended NOT to attempt jump-starting an electric car. 

These are all the reasons why your electric car is not starting and causing trouble. The inception of EVs has reshaped the future of mobility and the automobile landscape. The advanced technological features and eco-friendliness of these vehicles make them stand apart. That said, if you are also interested in availing these features, browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and choose from an array of options. 

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for more tips to troubleshoot electric car engine shutdowns.


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