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In the pursuit of elevating the driving experience, Hyundai has unveiled a groundbreaking feature in its Santa Fe SUV – the Terrain Mode Selector. This innovative technology also represents a significant stride forward. It also showcases Hyundai’s dedication to providing a superior driving experience across a spectrum of challenging terrains. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller. We will also explore how it positions the new Santa Fe as a trailblazer in the competitive SUV market.

Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller for Unmatched Performance

The Terrain Mode Selector isn’t merely a novelty; it’s a paradigm shift in the SUV landscape. The new Terrain Mode Selector feature is also seamlessly integrated with Hyundai’s HTRAC four-wheel drive system performance technology. Moreover. the technology empowers drivers to optimise their driving performance on different terrains. Some of them include sand, snow and mud, with a simple turn of a rotary knob. With its name derived from the synergy of ‘Hyundai’ and ‘traction,’ HTRAC autonomously directs torque to the front and rear wheels. Therefore, the result is a consistently comfortable and reliable journey, redefining expectations across various terrains.

Drive and Terrain Mode Selection in Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller

Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller for Unmatched Performance
The Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller offers unmatched performance while off-roading

Conveniently situated in the centre console, the rotary knob of the new Santa Fe offers drivers a nuanced selection between four distinct drive modes and three terrain modes. A straightforward push of the button in the knob’s centre enables drivers to seamlessly transition between drive and terrain modes, with real-time updates displayed on both the digital cluster and the AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation) screen.

Drive Modes

  • Comfort: Balancing regular driving performance optimally, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Sport: Elevating performance levels with adjustments to steering effort, gear shift points and throttle response for a more dynamic driving experience.
  • Eco: Prioritising fuel efficiency for eco-conscious driving through adjustments in acceleration, gear shift points and air conditioning performance.
  • Smart: Intelligently adapting between Eco, Comfort and Sport, the Hyundai smart drive mode is based on the driver’s unique style and preferences.

Terrain Modes

  • Snow: Minimising wheel slip to enhance control and traction in slippery and snow-covered road conditions.
  • Sand: Optimising takeoff and performance on soft and high-resistant surfaces for a smoother driving experience.
  • Mud: Enhancing performance on slippery and uneven terrains by adjusting engine torque, gear shift patterns, traction control and all-wheel drive torque distribution.

The New Santa Fe – Defining Excellence

The new Santa Fe 2024
The integrated control in Santa Fe new terrain mode selector offers safe driving

As per Santa Fe history, the fourth generation boasts advanced technology, safety and improved torque application. Also, Hyundai’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and innovation takes centre stage with the new Santa Fe. As the first Hyundai SUV equipped with the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller, this flagship model establishes a new benchmark for technology, convenience and adaptability. The latest Santa Fe is one of the popular hybrid cars to look for in 2024.


What does the Terrain Mode Selector in the Hyundai Santa Fe do?

The Terrain Mode Selector optimises your driving experience by adjusting settings for different terrains, such as sand, snow and mud. It also enhances control and comfort by tweaking engine torque, gear shifts and traction control.

How does HTRAC technology work with the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller?

HTRAC is Hyundai’s four-wheel-drive system. Paired with the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller, it autonomously shifts torque between front and rear wheels, ensuring a comfortable and reliable drive across diverse terrains.

How does the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller contribute to fuel efficiency?

The Eco-Drive Mode, coupled with the Terrain Mode Selector, optimises acceleration, gear shifts and air conditioning for fuel efficiency and eco-friendly driving.

Is the Terrain Mode Selector exclusive to the new Santa Fe?

Initially, yes. However, Hyundai plans to integrate this technology into future SUV models, emphasising its commitment to advanced driving features across its SUV lineup. Moreover, Santa Fe is one of the popular SUVs to buy under 100k in the UAE.

Does the 2024 Santa Fe have a Terrain Mode Selector?

Yes, besides Multi Terrain Mode Selector, the 2024 Santa Fe features a range of modern safety features such as Parking Distance Warning and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

The Multi-Terrain Control Hyundai Santa FE is not a mere technological addition; it’s a transformative feature that enhances the overall driving experience. Moreover, as we anticipate the evolution of Hyundai’s SUV lineup, the Hyundai Multi-Terrain Controller sets a high standard for future models, promising a more dynamic and adaptive driving experience across diverse terrains. With the new Santa Fe, Hyundai proves once again that innovation and versatility are integral to providing drivers with a reliable, advanced and adaptable SUV for all their journeys.

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