Side Mirrors Not Working: Causes and Fixes

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A car’s power side mirrors contribute to driver safety by minimising blind spots and improving overall visibility. However, when these side mirrors cease to function, they become a source of frustration and compromise safety on the road. Various factors contribute to the malfunction of power side mirrors, ranging from electrical issues to mechanical failures. 

Here, we have gathered the common reasons for side mirrors not working and how to fix them. They are as follows: 

Car’s Power Side Mirror Not Working and How to Fix Them 

Here are some of the most common reasons for side mirrors not working and their fixes. 


When a car’s side mirror ceases to function, it is usually because of a blown fuse within the vehicle’s electrical system. The side mirror uses electrical power to operate its motors and heating elements. A blown fuse occurs due to an excess of electrical current through the circuit, causing the fuse to break and interrupt the circuit. This interruption results in a malfunction in the mirror’s wiring.


To address this issue, first consult the vehicle’s manual to locate the car fuse box and identify the specific fuse for the side mirrors. Once found, replace the blown fuse with a new one of the correct rating. It’s crucial to investigate the root cause, which may involve checking the mirror’s wiring for any faults or short circuits.


Reasons for Side Mirrors not Working like faulty motor
A faulty motor leads to non-operational side mirrors in a car

A malfunctioning side mirror motor can lead to non-operational side mirrors in a car. The mirror motor is responsible for adjusting the mirror’s position. The motor may encounter issues due to factors such as wear and tear, electrical faults or motor failure. 


To fix a malfunctioning side mirror motor, first, check the fuse in the vehicle’s fuse box. If the fuse is fine, inspect the mirror switch for issues. If the switch is operational, examine the wiring for damage and address any problems found. However, if the problem persists, the side mirror motor may need replacement. 

Malfunctioning Side Mirror Switches

Non-operational side mirrors often result from malfunctioning mirror switches. These switches, typically located on the driver’s side, control the mirror adjustments. When these switches fail due to wear, electrical faults, or damage, it becomes difficult to adjust wing mirrors correctly. 

In addition, signs of a failing mirror control switch include unresponsive or erratic mirror adjustments or complete functionality loss.


Addressing issues with the mirror switches, including replacing damaged components or the entire switch assembly, is crucial for restoring proper mirror functionality. Besides, regular checks and prompt resolution of such electrical issues contribute to sustained reliability in the operation of side mirrors.

Diagnose Side Mirror Problems using car computer
It is advisable to inspect these issues and replace the damaged components at the earliest


Another reason for side mirrors not working is software or control module issues. In modern vehicles, car computers manage various functions, including mirror operations. Malfunctions in these modules, often due to software glitches or electronic component failures, lead to the loss of mirror functionality.


In such cases,  a software update is required, while in others, a malfunctioning module might need replacement. Moreover, you can opt for dubizzle car inspection services for a thorough vehicle checkup. 


Why is My Side Mirror Not Working?

Non-functional side mirrors occur for various reasons, including blown fuses, faulty mirror switches, or malfunctioning mirror motors.

How can I troubleshoot a faulty mirror switch?

If the mirrors do not respond to the switch, inspect the switch on the driver’s side for wear, damage or malfunction. Replacing the switch or its damaged components may restore proper mirror functionality.

Could wiring issues be causing my side mirrors to malfunction?

Yes, damaged or loose wiring can disrupt the electrical flow to the mirrors. 

All in all, these were the root causes and different methods to diagnose side mirror problems. Side mirrors are a crucial element of vehicle safety. That is why, when buying a used car in the UAE, make sure that side mirrors and other components are functioning properly. Morever, to maximise visibility and drive safely, here’s how to adjust car mirrors properly.

For more on various car problems, their diagnoses and solutions, keep reading dubizzle’s cars blog. 


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