Definition Benefits Process FAQs Advancements in the automobile industry continue to kick in. Cutting-edge features enhance driving performance and vehicular safety as a whole. However, over time, vehicles can encounter issues due to a lack of maintenance or bad driving habits. Issues can particularly be a big hassle if they are in the engine. Dirt, […]
Hydraulic Lifters Main Causes Fixes FAQs Lifter tick is a tapping noise from a car engine’s valve train, particularly noticeable at low speeds or during idle. This sound is often associated with wear and tear in hydraulic lifters or tappets. However, the smooth functioning of these engine components is crucial for maintaining valve clearance.  Here, […]
Causes Diagnosis Manually Adjusting Power Seat Repairing Power Seat Motor FAQs One of the most convenient features in modern vehicles is the electric car seat, providing comfort and flexibility with just the push of a button. However, encountering a situation where your powered seats seem stuck can be frustrating.  Let’s explore the common causes of […]
Main Parts Function Types Failure Symptoms  FAQs The car starter motor is a pivotal component within the vehicle’s ignition system, functioning as the catalyst for initiating the engine. This electric motor derives power from the car’s battery to set the engine in motion. In modern automotive systems, a starter solenoid often collaborates with the starter […]
Causes FAQs Your car’s headlights serve as your guiding light during nighttime drives, but what happens when they refuse to turn off after you’ve parked? This unexpected scenario can be frustrating and may indicate underlying issues with your vehicle. We will delve into 12 potential reasons why your car headlights won’t turn off and provide […]
Steps FAQs The shift interlock solenoid plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the gear shift mechanism in automatic transmissions. When this component fails, it can lead to difficulty in shifting gears or even render the vehicle stuck in park. This detailed guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you replace a bad shift […]
What is Trickle Charging Working Advantages Way to Use FAQs A vehicle parked for long durations can be a victim of several problems. For instance, tyre deflation, rust on components and fading paint among more. Additionally, one of the car’s major components i.e. the battery, can also suffer consequences like drainage. Fortunately, advancements in the […]
Features Models Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro FAQs Among the notable innovations from the brand, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is a key feature. This advanced technology is featured in numerous new Volkswagen models, including the Atlas SUV.  The VW Digital Cockpit represents a departure from conventional dashboards, introducing a customisable high-resolution display and digital gauges. This […]
Generations Design Battery Performance FAQs Toyota remains at the forefront when it comes to revolutionising the automobile industry. Whether its hybrid engine or advanced safety features, Toyota has superseded its peers. Moreover, the brand has recently launched the 5th generation hybrid technology. This next-generation powertrain is lighter in weight and has a compact electric motor, […]
Car Does Not Start Burning Smell Warning Lights Components Failure Drainage FAQs Modern cars have a cluster of instrumentation, sensors and electronic components. That said, a battery wears down after running a complex electronic framework. As part of vehicle maintenance, auto manufacturers and experts recommend replacing the battery every two to three years. A car […]